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Dynamic Content

Dynamic content refers to the pieces of content (images, text, sound, and video), rendered specifically for each website visitor. Content is triggered by the individual visitor's profile and their online behaviour. So the current interests of each visitor will always be reflected in the content they view during their visit.

No other platform enables you to render every content element to target each individual site visitor. This may be in the form of a text block combining small sentences and words to create a coherent message for each visitor. Or a particular product image or banner ad, triggered by the behavioural scores you set.

You can easily add predefined content or variations of content to any existing website in minutes. Monoloop comes with predefined behavioural scores and more than 50 profile properties to choose from.

Personalization is a powerful concept which enables you to sell ALL your products to ALL your visitors simultaneously, while only presenting the relevant ones to each individual. This enables you to use different tactics when selling a product or service, as you are now able to differentiate your content to match your visitor's particular profile, interests, history and personal barriers. 

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