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Privacy FAQ

Monoloop is the service that enable website owners to customize their content based on your interests. To do that, Monoloop track what pages you are viewing and what search terms you are using to reach the site and any searches you do during your visit.

What data is tracked?
Monoloop records personally identifiable information (PII) when you visit our client’s website like login profiles, forms, surveys, the pages you view, browser settings and location. Monoloop does not record you IP address.

Monoloop also records anonymous information that enables our clients to reach out to you through remarketing activities on selected advertising networks. This means that site owners may serve advertising targeted to previous visitors to their site – they do not know who you are or what sites you visit, but they know that you have visited their site before – and have the option to serve advertising to you.

Who controls the data?
We are strong believers in full transparency and keeping personal information under the control of the individual which information is being stored. Monoloop complies with all US and EU data protection and privacy legislation and guidelines and we offer a simple to use interface for all website visitors to control their profile and their privacy preferences. In Monoloop Privacy Center all visitors can review and remove any recorded information and change permissions for our clients future tracking and marketing behaviour. If you elect to delete your profile – the deletion is executed in real time.

Monoloop by default keeps tracked information for one (1) year. After that the information is rendered anonymous and kept for (1) year for aggregate reporting purposes. All profiles are deleted and not available to the site owner after the first year. This means that no PII information older than one year is stored and that profiles that have not changed for one year will automatically be deleted.

Is my data secured?
Your profile is never leaving Monoloop servers in order to deliver customized content during your visit on our client’s website. During a visit the Monoloop service receives your MonoloopID and your secret key. This key is generated the first time you visit a site that use Monoloop technology. Your key is encrypted with an algorithm that surpasses current US defense standards for encrypting classified information. The key is stored in your Monoloop cookie. When Monoloop servers receive a request from our client’s website – your secret key is decrypted and if it matches your MonoloopID – then our server processes the request.

Any questions?

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NOTE: Please note that if you elect to delete the Monoloop cookie your privacy settings will be deleted as well and a new cookie will be set when you revisit our client’s website. If you want us to NOT track on future visits, change your Privacy Preference to Do not track on this page and DO NOT delete your Monoloop cookie.