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About Monoloop

The web of today has evolved into the largest revolution of publishing since Guthenberg. Social networks have changed how we connect and maintain second tier relationships. However while the web fundamentally changed the way we connect and interact – the way we build websites has not changed in the same order of magnitude. Almost all websites are still static – every visitor receives the same content.

Websites today suffers from amnesia – it cannot recognize previous visitors and use the individual history of interaction to deliver more relevant content or better service. The lack of recognition, memory and personalization are the key reasons why the web still has to deliver as a relationship building tool. Email still suffer from not knowing how individuals on the list behave onsite – leaving the sender with too much guesswork and the receiver with too little relevance. 

We set out to change that – and with the release of Monoloop, we have come a long way. Building on two decades of hands on experience with personalization and relationship marketing – we have built a service that enables every website to transform itself from publishing to personalization.

We hope you will benefit from using Monoloop to build stronger relationships with your customers.

Best regards,

Kresten Bergsøe