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Lead Generation

One of the main challenges for many business-to-business operations is getting to know who to contact, about what – and when to do it.

Many choose a strategy of building house lists, which typically are targeted with generic newsletters to build awareness and be a natural candidate for the shortlist when needs arise. Others develop online collateral like whitepapers or webcasts that could identify leads for the sales organization. In both cases, the challenge often is that the vast majority of leads - generated through signups, downloads or webcast activities - are gathering information and still not ready to purchase. Using sales resources on these leads are not productive and rarely welcomed.

Most companies do not have the data about their customers or potential customers that enables them to make informed decisions about who to spend the scarce sales resources on – the result is a lot of wasted canvassing.

Almost all business-to-business companies have a limited number of categories in their product range. Monoloop enables a company to build Category Scores on all its site visitors. If the site visitor is a known individual (existing customer, email subscriber, or website user with a login profile), Monoloop provides real time insight into the individual category interest as well as their engagement level.

Using these two metrics the company can build a simple goal defining when the sales department should be notified of a potential opportunity. And the opportunity could be qualified even further if Monoloop is used to do further qualification of the lead by surveying the lead before pushing the lead to the in-house CRM platform for personal follow-up.

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