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Monoloop is a cloud based service enabling you to easily implement behavioural targeting on any existing website. The service is system agnostic and does not require any integration. It can be easily activated within minutes.

Monoloop enables you to:

  • Differentiate your content for different types of website visitors.
  • Build personas and segments based on scores calculated from your own goals.
  • Connect the entire Monoloop visitor profile with information from your backend systems.

You can merge behavioural data from Monoloop with any of your backend customer profiles (e.g. CRM, CMS and Email marketing platforms) which effectively extends all profiles in real time.

Sign up for your FREE trial now and test Monoloop on any website for 30 days. Once you have registered for your free trial, simply paste the Monoloop code into the header tag of your website to start tracking all your site visitors.

Take a look at what is included and what is coming and please send us any ideas or suggestions to  help us improve our product.