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16.05.2011 00:00 Age: 5 yrs
By: Kresten Bergsøe

Introducing Monoloop

The web of today has evolved into the largest revolution of publishing since Guthenberg. Social networks have changed how we connect and maintain second tier relationships. However while the web fundamentally changed the way we connect and interact – the way we build websites has not changed in the same order of magnitude. Almost all websites are still static – every visitor receives the same content.

Serving the same content for all visitors is a waste of opportunities

Websites today suffers from amnesia – it cannot recognize previous visitors and use the individual history of interaction to deliver more relevant content or better service. The lack of recognition, memory and personalization are the key reasons why the web still has to deliver as a relationship building tool. The vast majority of online experiences today are static. The same content is being served to all visitors - no matter if you are a first time visitor or a longtime loyal customer with years of transactions. Also email suffers from lack of rich profile information and not knowing how individuals behave onsite – leaving the sender with too much guesswork and the receiver with too little relevance.

Implementing an online differentiation strategy has never been this easy

Monoloop empowers businesses to increase conversion rates by enhancing their existing website with easy to implement - yet sophisticated real-time personalization. With Monoloop websites serve variations of existing content, insert new or replace content - on the fly - to match the profile of the visitor. Monoloop supports atomic personalization - which means that individual text, images, offers and other inside content elements may be rendered specifically to the visitor – enabling highly sophisticated messaging. Monoloop may also adjust the site navigation or design to the individual user in order to ease the visit.

Real time profiling

Monoloops tracking and scoring engine enables businesses to use a variety of predefined scores including a combined Engagement Score to differentiate how they treat and serve their visitors online. The scores are being updated page view by page view on each visitor’s journey through the site. The visitor profile is predefined with 50 different parameters including GeoIP based location and 10 scores covering recency, frequency, click depth, loyalty, duration, interaction and more. Monoloop includes technology that recognizes what product categories, subcategories and products that attract attention. This information gives businesses real time insight into the individual visitor’s interests and preferences, and it enables businesses to select and time their messages on the most relevant categories and products. The Condition Builder is a visual tool for easy creation of business rules that relates to content. A visual test bench makes it fast and easy to test individualized content in all of its potential variants before publication.

Google Retargeting

Retargeting is another standard feature, and it enables businesses to put messages in front of lost prospects, which have left the website in order to attract them back from external content and banner networks. Retargeting uses Googles advertising network to reach previous visitors and display banners.

Powered by Amazon

Monoloop is a cloud application and runs on Amazon’s massive infrastructure - ensuring dynamic scalability and high performance across the globe. Monoloop requires no software installation or maintenance. After signing up, participants receive a tracking code, and Monoloop is up and running minutes after it is placed on the website. When released, Monoloop will be a pay-as-you-go web service priced by feature set and page volume. Monoloop will also include a FREE plan for smaller businesses.

The Free Beta is available on