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22.02.2012 13:55 Age: 5 yrs
By: Kresten Bergsøe

Introducing initial API

Integrating Monoloop’s profile information with backend systems and external platforms opens up an ocean of opportunities - and now that has just become a lot easier!

Initially we have enabled a few RESTfull web services that enable you to programmatically access the full Monoloop profile information and a simple service that enable you to sync your backend systems with the changes that has occurred since the last sync operation.

There are many use cases with the new API - but the most important are connecting behavioral profile information to the email marketing platform and CRM system. These two systems are the natural startingpoints for the marketing automation effort in most organizations.

With the Monoloop API – the task of extending these systems with the online visitor’s behavior has been reduced significantly. The ability to create web applications on top of Monoloop’s profile information “Facebook Style” have now become trivial.

We will continue to expand the API and will keep you posted going forward with new features.

Documentation is here